ConnectedHE, a sister concern of the MH Global Group, offers a gateway to success for those interested in the overseas education business or becoming agents. With partnerships with 140+ UK universities, pathway providers, and colleges, ConnectedHE ensures top-notch study experiences for students.

Furthermore, we provide personalised support to partners through dedicated account managers, lucrative commissions, and expert assistance, enabling them to thrive in the competitive landscape of international education.

Here is what ConnectedHE offers to partners

Access to prestigious educational institutions

As a partner agent, you can offer students learning opportunities from ConnectedHE’s network of 140+ UK universities.

Comprehensive training and support

Guidance by experts on educational programmes, application procedures, promotional materials, and more.

Lucrative commission structure

Guaranteed acknowledgment of efforts with the best commissions.

Dedicated account manager and support team

Assistance throughout the entire process.

Assessment and guidance support

To make students make appropriate university choices.

Business guidance and advisory services

Important insights, advice, and assistance to explore the field of business.

Facilities you’ll get after partnering with ConnectedHE

Staff management: Easily assign staff responsibilities.

Centre of knowledge: Experience 50,000+ course knowledge, comprehensive destination information, and important compliance requirements.

Course locator: Find numerous courses at various universities to help students.

Complete student profiles: Quick access to students' information.

Seamless onboarding: Our platform is user-friendly, making it easy to navigate through each level.

Application management hub: Simple process of uploading documents once and applying to courses.

Broadcast centre notifications: Keep updated with timely updates about the most recent intake deadlines, course information, training sessions, and more.

Auto-invoicing: With our automated system, you can easily calculate your payout and request payments.

Boost efficiency: A fast and flexible approach to organising students' journeys to meet deadlines and goals.

Help and support: Comprehensive assistance to ensure that your needs and queries are met with care.

With ConnectedHE's assistance, you can streamline the whole application process for students and save time and extra effort.