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About MH Global Group

Mostafa Hazera Global Group, also known as MH Global Group, is committed to advancing UK education globally. The group's primary goal is to collaborate extensively with UK higher education institutions to advance UK education globally. As UK education continues to maintain a leading position through entities like the British Council, English UK, and UK universities, there is significant potential to further promote UK education globally in schools, colleges, and universities through transnational education (TNE), articulation agreements, and student recruitment initiatives.

Our Companies

Together with our trusted associates, we navigate challenges, innovate solutions, and forge paths towards success.


AHZ provides professional UK university admission services to prospective students across the world, and they maintain the highest level of integrity, transparency, and fair practice with our valuable clients and partners.


ConnectedHE serves as a bridge between partners, schools, colleges and universities. With a vast network of over 140 prestigious UK universities, we provide high-quality support to streamline students' applications who are eager to achieve a UK education.


Dr. Mostafa Hazera Foundation is an organisation that empowers people to combat poverty globally through sustainable development programmes that change their lives.

MIE Pathways

MIE Pathways is a member of NCUK. Headquartered in Manchester, they have partnered with 45+ universities in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand and offer IFY in Bangladesh through study centers.

English Academy

MIE English Academy offers IELTS preparation courses, ensuring students excel within a minimum 5 weeks. For those who are aiming for an IELTS or want to improve their English-speaking skills, our course modules are designed specifically for them.


MIE Service is a distinguished service provider dedicated to offering comprehensive marketing and local support for UK and other world-class universities. We ensure universities receive the assistance they need to thrive in today's competitive academic landscape.

Course hunter

A global organisation that supports and provides valuable guidance and information to international students on selecting the ideal course and runs associated companies with 24/7 digital support.

Course hunter

A dedicated organisation works to support UK graduates locally and is dedicated to fostering lifelong relationships among alumni while empowering them through various initiatives and resources.

Course hunter

MIE Learn is an E-Learning platform in Bangladesh that offers online teaching and preparation for IELTS all over Bangladesh. Our passion and vision are to provide the best courses to learners who believe in learning to reach their dreams. MIE Learn gives you flexibility to enrich your English proficiency from anywhere.