About Us

Mostafa Hazera Global Group, also known as MH Global Group, is committed to advancing UK education globally. The group's primary goal is to collaborate extensively with UK higher education institutions to advance UK education globally. As UK education continues to maintain a leading position through entities like the British Council, English UK, and UK universities, there is significant potential to further promote UK education globally in schools, colleges, and universities through transnational education (TNE), articulation agreements, and student recruitment initiatives.

The UK educates over a quarter of the world's leaders, and annually, more than 600,000 students choose the UK for their studies. Across various programmes, including foundation, undergraduate, top-up, master's, and PhD courses. The UK's world-class education, flexible entry requirements, real-life learning experiences, diverse curriculum, and multicultural environment drive this growing popularity, attracting students from around the globe.

By partnering with numerous institutions, MH Global Group expands its reach to promote UK higher education, ensuring that students, parents, and educational institutions receive the necessary support to access UK education, whether from their home countries or within the UK. The group's companies provide unique project-based support, acting as one-stop solutions for UK institutes, international students, agents and local institutions. With over 12 years of experience, the management team has developed a robust platform to ensure that all stakeholders benefit from the services provided by MH Global Group.

MH Global Group prides itself on being a dynamic and forward-thinking entity committed to shaping a brighter future through its diverse ventures. Established with a vision to make a positive impact across the HEI sectors, the company brought together a team of experts and visionaries dedicated to pushing boundaries and driving positive change. Their journey began, with a passion for innovation, a commitment to integrity, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Please navigate to the company pages for more details.